Frank Sinatra

Everyone knows of Frank Sinatra’s legendary career as a singer and actor, however most are not aware that he was also a visual artist. He is said to have been very private about his artwork, although he was very serious about it and spent much of his free time painting. He never sold his original work, he would give it to friends and family. His abstract canvases, with their strong lines and brilliant colors, reflect the passion and creativity that drove him in so many levels.

This is clear from examples in ‘A Man and His Art: Frank Sinatra’ a book published in 1991. Sinatra explained on more than one occasion that the interplay between color and shadows fascinated him. Sinatra’s favorite three colors were orange, red and blue. Orange was his favorite color-“the happiest color”, he would say. Although he painted for much of his adult life, particularly while in Palm Springs, Sinatra’s original works ‘rarely’ come up for sale.

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