Nilton Cardenas

The artistic world of Nilton Cárdenas (Peru 1972) stands before us as an evolving process. His paintings, drawings and murals offer us a pictorial language polarized by the feelings, memories and nostalgia of an identity: The passion for his country and its original (aesthetic, folkloric, mythological) traditions typical of the Inca civilization. His work radiates intensity and life, and it is characterized by a style not subject to limits or fixations. An expression that, in this artist, investigates and risks in search for self-identity, for an original vision, for a feel of the dynamics that produces synergy in the rich universe. Inspiration and creativity, tradition and present; ´a whole´ that invites us to reflect through the spatial framework of his paintings.

A monochrome language of abstract roots where the economy of color and detail gives way to the suggestion; to the veiled and reciprocal balance between light and shade and their world of insinuation; of silence; of inner being and commitment. With this, Cárdenas achieves a background of temporary-space that unveils and suggests the depth of that moment when, the eyes that observe the painting face a mesh of features, shadows and dark contrasts, typical of the inner feelings of the artist at the precise moment of his creation.

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