Samantha Lockwood

Samantha Lockwood

Samantha has spent the majority of her life between Mailbu, La Quinta and Hawaiian Islands. She draws inspiration from nature. Describing her art might sound like : Simple, beautiful, creative, colorful from the soul for the soul feel good art. Astral or other worldly impressions are common along with animals an oceanic water themes.

She was first exposed to the arts by her parents – her father is the veteran actor sci-fi icon Gary Lockwood of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and her mother is successful actress and entrepreneur Denise DuBarry. Beyond her parents, Samantha’s notoriety is reaches far and wide not only for her good looks and acting chops but also her talent with the brush.

Recently, she played bad girl “Cindy Patterson” in Hawaii Five-0’s Season 6 premiere episode. Many also may have seen her in the top 10 CMY music video, “Goodbyes Made You Mine”, as J.T. Hodges’ love interest. In 2010, she played the leading lady, “Kate”, in the Showtime action comedy, Shoot the Hero (2010), by Christian Sesma. She co-starred as a pill-popping teen in the CSI: NY (2004) episode, CSI: NY: Manhattan Manhunt (2005), Leading role in the Lionsgate western, Mexican Gold (2009) (aka “Return of the Outlaws”), also featured as Topper’s girlfriend in Lords of Dogtown (2005). Samantha received excellent reviews for her lead role as “Kate” in Shoot the Hero (2010) by Christian Sesma, in which she starred alongside Jason Mewes and Danny Trejo. The film was released through Warner Brothers and also picked up by Showtime. Modeling and commercial work includes the Miller Light “Skinny Jeans” Super Bowl Commercial, campaigns for Apple, Old Navy Yoga Wear and Khush.

Designer and founder of Fleurings vase jewelry line that holds water and keeps flowers fresh. The “eco-fabulous must-have necklace” by GENLUX Magazine. Celebrity wedding gifts for the Bridal Party at Seth Rogen’s and Lauren Miller Rogen’s wedding, as well as soul surfer Bethany Hamilton’s wedding in Hawaii. Fleurings have been featured in press all over Japan, Milan and the United States.

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