Samantha Lockwood

Samantha Lockwood

Samantha grew up in Los Angeles and La Quinta, CA. In her youth she began absorbing a love of the arts from her parents – her father is the veteran actor sci-fi icon Gary Lockwood of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and her mother is successful actress and entrepreneur Denise DuBarry.

At age 16, Samantha began her acting study fundamentals at the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio and simultaneously she was working through her 2 year AP Advanced Placement Art Program during her High School years. She also attended UC Santa Cruz where she enjoyed studying Fine Art, Buddhist Art History, Theater Acting and Marine Biology. Her love of Buddhist Art, the Ocean, water, and nature influence her work.

Due to her success with acting and modeling Samantha found less time for painting until she met the famous Japanese artist Muramasa Kudo who encouraged her not to stop painting. He claimed that with her raw artistic talent she should paint no matter what happened in her acting career. In 2007 they had a joint show in Palm Desert, CA and a five page spread in the Desert Life Magazine which became a favorite of the media. ( see to view Kudo’s work.

Her widespread notoriety is reaching far and wide not only for her looks, acting chops and artistic talent but soon her paintings will be on a new line of clothing Yurosek. A line dedicated to making wearable art T-Shirts and namely Yoga Jeans which take glamorous denim to a whole new level; comfortable.

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