Todd Crespi

Todd has covered the U.S. Supreme Court for 23 years, starting as official CNN artist during the historic Bush v. Gore arguments.
He also draws federal and state court cases. Artwork from them is displayed in court houses, universities, and law firms across the country. His portrait painting began in childhood, sought by political candidates as early as high school.

Todd’s show business career also began in Washington D.C., with theater productions in school, then in professional performances.
While a college student at Indiana University and NYU, Todd starred in Shakespeare plays, acted in TV commercials, and won a featured film role with Shirley MacLaine in The Possession of Joel Delaney.

Once in Hollywood, Todd guest-starred in such TV shows as Room 222, Manhunter, and Love American Style. He then co-starred with Billy Bixby in The Magician.

Turning to his own projects, Todd wrote produced, and directed films about: a colonial founding family, a documentary on the U.S. invasion of Grenada, a musical about African dancers & drummers, and a comedy featuring time-traveling pirates.

Todd meanwhile continued his profession art career, becoming a chief illustrator for The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and numerous magazines. He was then recruited by NBC News as courtroom artist for such high-profile cases as the spy trial later filmed as The Falcon & The Snowman. Todd also covered Roman Polanski’s court hearings, and the Cal State Fullerton murders case.

Today, his portraits are acquired by collectors in the entertainment industry, as well as legal, political, and industrial fields. His paintings have been exhibited at the prestigious Allan Stone Gallery in New York City. Several are on display at the U.S. Department of Justice.

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