"V" Wells

For more than 30 years, Vernon (the artist known as “V”) Wells, marketed himself directly to the players themselves. His paintings can be found in homes of rookies and Hall of Famers alike, Media guide covers, posters and lithographs. Even the original cards of UPPER DECK featured his work.

Vernon realized early in his efforts to make it as a pro football player that he needed to concentrate on something more. He actually OWES the Chiefs a bit of gratitude for cutting him when they did. For, it was there he began sketching teammates during those boring meetings. Players said they would pay him to do originals. He took that suggestion and ran with it. By 1988 his works were so well-known that he became the original artist for the UPPER DECK Company and his name as a sports artist was officially on the map. By 2012 he would become the most commissioned artist of professional athletes….EVER.

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