Billy Morrison “Atlas” 36″x36″


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Oil, Acrylic & Spray on Canvas, 36″x36″
I have a fascination with money, mainly the fact that it isn’t actually real! Money at its core is binary code – a series of zeros and ones that fly around the world in digital form, telling us what we “have” and what we “don’t have”. And yet it’s the backbone of society and the bedrock of everything we do on the planet. We need it to eat, obtain shelter, and yet we use it to slowly destroy the WORLD that we inhabit . The image of Atlas, holding the weight of the world on his shoulders seemed more powerful and heavy to me if the world was covered in money – in binary code. This piece signifies the financial weight we are all under, either striving to get more, or using it wisely (or unwisely as the case may be).
-Billy Morrison