Billy Morrison “Cuffed” 36″x48″


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Oil, Acrylic & Spray on Canvas, 36″x48″
The subject of sex has come a long way in the last hundred years or so. But still so much myth and misinformation surrounds what we have made into somewhat of a taboo subject. In much the same way as Warhol did with the Electric Chair suite of images, I wanted to take an object, a single inanimate image, that is very much associated with sex, and turn it into something that would hang in the finest of homes, using texture and color. The cuffs themselves are a beautiful gold chrome color, and the dark black oil paint as a background exudes richness and depth. The combination, plus the oversize nature of the piece, takes an object that is often whispered about, sniggered about, dismissed as a ‘fetish implement” and turns it into a glorious, much loved statement for all to see and enjoy.
-Billy Morrison