Eve Plumb “Big Red Table” 30″x40″


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Big Red Table

There is a famous spot in Los Angeles, The Farmers Market, that has been there since the early 1940s. It’s a combination of market, restaurants, and retail stores. Some of the best food in LA is found there. My husband and I have eaten there throughout the years. There was talk of tearing it down several years ago, so I went and took a lot of photos of the tables and chairs that had been there for a long time. Fortunately, the Market is still there and thriving.
This piece hung in our home in Los Angeles and then also Laguna Beach. When we moved to NYC we couldn’t take this with us.
We live in a small apartment and don’t have the wall space like we did in CA.
They have been in storage in Orange County and we decided last month that we would rather have them out in the world for people to enjoy them .