Matthew McCain “Come With Me, My Darling”


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“Come With Me, My Darling” is Oil, Acrylic and Spray on Canvas and measures 16″x40″.

“According to research, woman are three times more likely to experience mental health problems than men. In a world not all that long ago, mental health wasn’t taken seriously. Many times when people would reach out for help, the typical response was “it’s all in your head…you just need to be tougher…you’re just doing it for attention.” During the time, many people were forced to deal with those internal struggles on their own. Those on the outside looking in tend to judge vigorously how somehow could get so lost in their internal struggles and I wanted to capture why it’s so easy. When you’re struck in a world where the stars don’t shine, those internal struggles flourish and eventually find ways to entice you in. The skull hand signifies that mental struggle reaching out while the butterfly is meant to demonstrate that thought process of getting lured in. And if your attention focuses more on the vibrant colors of the butterfly than the woman resisting the urge, then that internal struggle has already won”.

-Matthew McCain