Matthew McCain “Signs of Life”


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Measures 24″x24″ and is Oil, Acrylic and Spray on Canvas.

“When I was younger being treated for Bipolar, my doctor would say: “until we get the right dosage, you’ll have highs and you’ll have lows”. I’ve always wanted to capture that feeling in some form to show what it’s like to be at the polar opposite of the spectrum but desperately trying to meet in the middle. The astronaut represents those “high days” where you can take on the world, nothing can hurt you and the skies the limit. The Jellyfish represents those “low days” when everything is dark, slow and isolating. Separately, them both mean two different things, but together they represent stabilization and comfort. However, the background is left to remain a mystery, does it take place deep under the ocean or somewhere far out in space? That was a question I never found the answer to, but then again maybe one doesn’t need to.”

-Matthew McCain