Eve Plumb “Sports Page 2”



Original Oil on Canvas 16″x20″ Framed. This is an original painting by Eve Plumb.

Almost every morning, my husband and I start the day by reading the Los Angeles Times and splitting a pot of coffee. Since our breakfast nook has a South facing window we get a lot of great morning light which produces some interesting shadows. I’m not much of a sports fan. I mainly like the colors the uniforms that the players wear, but my husband starts the day with the Sports Section with his first cup of coffee. I really enjoyed this painting as I zoomed in to get a bird’s eye view of his coffee cup. Although my husband informed me that the subject was a USC football player I focused on the colors of the uniform. I left the rest of the football players as a bit surreal as they had just missed a tackle and were a jumble of bodies on the turf.