Eve Plumb “Valley Ho” Framed 29″x23″



“Valley Ho Creamer, Salt & Pepper” is an Original Oil on Canvas and overall framed size is 29″ x 23″. This is an original painting by Eve Plumb.

“Valley Ho Creamer, Salt & Pepper”
“When my husband and I come out to Scottsdale to visit Bonner David Galleries, we stay at the Valley Ho Hotel. It’s one of our most favorite hotels. We love the atmosphere and especially starting the day with room service and a paper. On this day the diffused sunlight was coming in through a curtain sheer and created an interesting sheen on the creamer and salt & pepper shakers. I wanted to create a sepia tone atmosphere for this work so I started with a black canvas which provided a good back drop for me to bring out the silver and white aspects of the work”.